How to Make Soft, Moist Muffins

There is nothing like a tender, soft, moist muffin straight from the oven. The perfect muffin’s outside is never hard, and when pulled from its muffin paper or popped out straight from the muffin pan it comes out completely and easily. How in the world is this done? There are some tricks to muffins that […]

Cake and Cookie Baking Tips for Beginners

Are you new to baking cakes and cookies? Not sure how to read and follow recipes? Here are some baking tips to get you started. All ingredients should be at cool room temperature. Unless the recipe states otherwise, use unsalted butter. If you have only salted butter on hand, reduce the amount of salt in […]

Make Any Cupcake Recipe Better With These 5 Healthy Cooking Tips

According to the media, millions of Americans are overweight. There are many diet plans aimed at helping people lose weight, but they all focus on an important fact–to lose weight, a person needs to decrease calories consumed. Staying on a diet plan can be a struggle, but the end result is worth the struggle. There […]