Make Any Cupcake Recipe Better With These 5 Healthy Cooking Tips

Christmas cupcakes with snow flake cookies on top, textile backgAccording to the media, millions of Americans are overweight. There are many diet plans aimed at helping people lose weight, but they all focus on an important fact–to lose weight, a person needs to decrease calories consumed. Staying on a diet plan can be a struggle, but the end result is worth the struggle. There are many ways to stay motivated while dieting, including not depriving yourself of your favorite treats. Cupcakes are a sweet indulgence that can be enjoyed while sticking to a healthy diet. Try these five tips for healthier cupcakes that will fit within your diet guidelines.

To enjoy cupcakes on a diet, try substituting healthier ingredients to cut calories and increase nutrients. For instance, use applesauce instead of oil, sugar substitute instead of regular sugar, and whole wheat flour instead of white flour. These changes will give your cupcakes a nutrient boost while cutting calories. If you are hesitant of these changes, try starting out by only substituting half of an ingredient until you get used to the flavor change.

Think outside of the flavor box and bake up a lighter batter. Try angel food cupcakes instead of chocolate. You can even flavor these cupcakes with cocoa to create a chocolate cupcake with a fraction of the calories a traditional chocolate cupcake would have. Other healthy flavor options include carrot cake, banana, zucchini, or raspberry. These flavors are delicious and allow you to indulge your sweet tooth while staying within your allotted calories.

If you just want a traditional cupcake, try miniature cupcakes. These can provide you with the taste and texture of cupcakes, but with fewer calories due to the small size. Miniature cupcakes can be packed in lunches, providing portion control while allowing you to have your sweet treat.

Frosting is a major source of calories on cupcakes. An easy way to lighten up cupcakes is to eliminate frosting. For vanilla or angel food cupcakes, try sprinkling the top of the cupcake with a dusting of cocoa powder. This will add a hint of chocolate without adding many calories. Another healthy frosting alternative is a homemade cream cheese frosting. By creating this frosting from scratch you are able to use reduced-fat cream cheese, thereby reducing calories. This cream cheese frosting can be flavored with canned pineapple tidbits, crushed strawberries, or whichever fruit that you prefer.

The last tip for creating healthier cupcakes is adding nutrients. While mixing cupcake batter, try folding in shredded zucchini or mashed bananas. This creates moist cupcakes with added vitamins. Adding a few tablespoons of flaxseed or protein powder will not noticeably change the flavor of cupcakes, but will increase the nutrients. Adding healthy nutrients to cupcakes will not decrease the calorie count, but will make your cupcakes a healthier alternative for a sweet treat.

Eating healthy foods does not have to mean depriving yourself. It is easy to make changes to a recipe in order to have the recipe fit your dieting needs. Cupcakes are a fun way to celebrate special occasions and can be a part of a healthy diet, if they are modified to your dietary needs and eaten in moderation.

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