Art Of Baking – Some Simple Baking Tips

1Baking is an art and a person who is trying their hands at this art for the first time must know what it is they want and then try to learn a few tips about getting it. Baking requires a lot of patience and a good deal of knowledge to churn out quality dishes that every one will enjoy – if you want to share it with everyone that is.

Before anyone gets down to baking they should be aware of the initial steps needed to be taken before setting out. Here some cooking tips for the starter and we hope these tips will prevent some disasters from happening – and we don’t mean just burnt cakes!

When you start out preparing a bake you should read through the recipe entirely before beginning to mix the ingredients. Ensure that you understand and know the procedure you are about to undertake. Ensure that all the ingredients are within the expiry date before you use them. Then you should pre-heat the oven to the required temperature before placing any ingredients in it. Better to use an electric gas oven rather than an electric only oven. If the power fails you will lose your dish with no alternative heating source. With an electric -gas oven you have two heating sources to rely on.

It is important to follow the instructions to the core. Ensure that you have adjusted the backing racks in the oven according to the instructions, set the proper temperature, using the proper baking sheets and baking containers. Then you must measure the ingredients properly according to the recipe- beginners should ensure they measure the ingredients by holding the measuring cup to eye level this is very important when measuring liquids. With time you will be able to measure the ingredients by just using your guessing ability. Dry ingredients must be leveled off in the measuring cup using a knife. The last step is to place the ingredients in the oven with love. An angry individual will definitely make mistakes and will produce a baked dish that no one will like.

It is important to understand that there are many different kinds of flour that is used in baking. Yeast bread is made from wheat flour. This is commonly known as brown bread. Then there is bread flour which is used in yeast loaves. If this is put in yeast bread it will come out as a very heavy cake. Flour used to make cake is very fine and all-purpose flour is used for almost any kind of baking. Then there are bleached and unbleached flours that can be used interchangeably. Baking flour should be stored in airtight containers in a place that is cool and dry, but never ore than 6 months.

Apart from flour you will have to get used to using baking powder the stuff that makes cakes puff up and rise. Then there are the other baking implements that you must get used to. Once you have backed a few cakes you will be ready to go ahead and make better stuff and in time you will find that you are not using the measuring cups any more – just like a pro!

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