Top 5 Baking Accessories For Beginners

6The first time I baked on my own was 11 years old. I’d had expert tutelage from my mom who had shown me all the necessary baking accessories used for the most basic of baked meals and breads etc. Ironically, she really did not prefer baking but was quite good at it, whether it be bread, dessert or full fledged meals. I will admit that I prefer hearty dinners over desserts so that is where my forte lies.

With that said, if you’re a mom, here are the top 5 baking accessories to start out with for any beginner, young or old.

Number 1: A Spatula

I am still to this day infatuated with spatulas. I have all sizes tiny to behemoth and when baking usually use up most of them. I think as a child, I just liked the word itself and I really liked to use it to smooth out any materials (even non-food) but that’s another story for another day. It can’t be argued though that the spatula is one of the baking accessories that would be missed dearly in dessert baking.

Several things to consider for beginner bakers is easiness of grip so try to purchase one with a rounded and smooth handle for little hands.

Number 2: The Whisk

In the hands of a 5 year old, a whisk could really be a deadly weapon. Well, perhaps this 5 year old… I do confess that up until this day, my tongue twisting traumatic episode with the whisk still weighs heavily on my mind.:)

However, I learned that this is one tool that I can’t live without when it comes to mixing up all combinations of ingredients. You certainly can’t beat it with a “fork”. It’s also morphed into many different styles. In addition to the different styles, the whisk is undergoing some new technological advancements such as built in thermometers… such a stroke of genius, wish I thought of that!

Number 3: Measuring Cups (… and spoons)

Ah yes, a child’s first experience with measuring cups and spoons can be an outright comedy. So who cares if there’s a difference between TBSP and TSP?? And if I need a half a cup, just pick up any old measuring cup available and fill it half way right? Welcome to a beginners first lesson in recipe reading…

We all know what can happen if the recipes calls for 3 cups of sugar and you only use 1 1/2 cups. Yikes. Well, aside from learning the measurements, these baking accessories are one of the most important, if not the most important tools you need on hand for baking anything.

Number 4: Rolling Pin!

Yes, one of my favorites. I still have my mother’s old one with only one handle remaining. And no, it was not me that broke it off. It’s so delightfully seasoned and rolls so smooth, I’ll have it for a longer time still. This is one of the more fun baking tools in your arsenal and one the kids usually have the most fun with, but just be sure to keep them away from the play-dough, it can get ugly.

Although a skill that will improve with time, rolling out the dough is better accomplished with a quality rolling pin. Although you can now find modernized versions with no stick, I still prefer solid maple. I guess I am just old fashioned.

Number 5: What’s A Rolling Pin Without A Pastry/Cutting Board?

One of the best ideas we have seen in a long time is this dough template imprinted on one side of the board. Could have used that years ago!



  • Cookie Cutters
  • Basting Brushes
  • Flour Sifters


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